This timeline was put together using both aired and unaired versions of episodes. The numbers in parenthesis represent footnotes, which give details to support the dates. Please scroll to the bottom for a note on education.

Ca. 1959: Gregory House is born to John and Blythe House. (1)  (17)  (20)   (28)

Ca. 1963: Lisa Cuddy is born. (2)

Ca. 1973: Eric Foreman is born. (3)

Ca. 1977: House starts his education at Michigan, or perhaps Johns Hopkins. (See also the notes on education below.)(1) (4)

Ca. 1980: Robert Chase is born. (5)

Ca. 1981: Cuddy begins her undergraduate education at Michigan. House is already a legend. House has probably just started the graduate program. (4) (1)

Ca. 1984-1986: House graduates from Michigan. (6)

Ca. 1984-1989: House does his residency at Johns Hopkins. He gets booted by the dean for cheating (off of Phillip Weber, who turned out to be wrong) around 1986. This also put him out of the running for the prestigious Doyle Internship. (Also see the notes on education at the bottom of the page.) (23)

1988: Cuddy graduates from medical school. (2)

Ca. 1991: Eric Foreman starts college. (3)

1995: Rowan Chase leaves his family. Robert Chase is 15. (5)

             Cuddy becomes Chief of Medicine. (4) 

           House and Stacy probably get together at this time. (9)

1996: Wilson sees his homeless brother for the last time. Would he and House know each other at this point? (7)

Ca, 1996 - House treated a patient by the name of Ester (he wrote "Esther" on the witehboard, but Ester was on the file). She died because he was unable to diagnose her disease. That case haunted him until ten years later, when he treated a boy with the same symptoms. 216)

Sometime in this period: The infarction. (16)

1997: House is hired at PPTH. (8) Cuddy later mentions that he was on Vicodin at this time. (18)

2000: House and Stacy probably break up about this time. (9) (10) (22) Robert Chase’s mother dies. (5)

July, 2002: Stacy and Mark get married. (11)

November, 2003: Chase starts at PPTH (12)

May, 2004: Cameron starts at PPTH (12)

November, 2004: The Rebecca Adler case. Foreman started three days prior. (12)

January, 2005:Rowan Chase tells House he has three months to live. (14)

March, 2005: House mentions he’s been through three regime changes prior to Vogler. This is assuming that means the top dog on the board, and not someone at Cuddy’s level. (13)

         House mentions to Wilson that Chase is 26. (14)

May, 2005: Rowan Chase dies on May 12. (19)

September, 2005: Chase says he’s thirty. (15)

November 2005: House begins to have his practice supervised by another doctor for "no less than one month" for his role in Kayla's case. (21)

December 21, 2005: House’s birthday. (17) (28)

January, 2006: House and Stacy get stranded in Baltimore during a snowstorm. They share a kiss and would have shared a hotel room for the night had House not taken a call on his cell phone. He spends the night in the airport terminal instead, using the wall as a makeshift whiteboard. (24)

February, 2006: House and Stacy spend the night together at his place. She decides to leave Mark, but House pushed her away.  (25)

March, 2006: Julie throws Wilson out of the house and he shows up at House's abode looking for a place to stay. Turns out she had an affair and threw him out.  (26)

May, 2006: House is shot, apparently by a disgruntled ex-patient. He asks for Ketamine, which has been used on experimental basis for relief of chronic pain  (29)


(1) In a snippet cut from Maternity,House told Jill (the woman who was pregnant) that after 45 years, his mother only complains about her parasite now and then. This episode aired 12/7/2004.

(2) Extrapolated from data in Humpty Dumpty. She graduated from med school at the age of 25. She became Chief of Medicine at 32, and House mentioned that she hadn’t practiced medicine in ten years. That would make her about 42.

(3) In Detox, Foreman mentioned having been through four years of college, four at med school, two years of residency, and another four of sub-specialty training before that point. That would put in starting college ca. 1991 and born ca. 1973.

(4) Cameron mentioned in Humpty Dumpty that Cuddy and House both went to Michigan. Extrapolate dates of birth as in (1)

(5) House told Wilson in Cursed that Chase was 26. In the same episode, we find out that Chase’s dad left 15 years ago, and his mom died 10 years ago.

(6) House tells the MP3 Guy that he’s been practicing medicine for 20 years. (Maternity) That would make him 25, about the same age as Cuddy when she graduated from med school. (He would have had his title of M.D. When he graduated from med school, but would not be formally practicing medicine for at least three years. He's probably rounding up for MP3 Guy.) (2)

(7) In Histories, Wilson told House he hadn’t seen his homeless brother in nine years. Would he have mentioned the brother to House if they had known each other then? He knew House and Stacy when they were a couple (Honeymoon).

(8) Vogler mentioned that House has been with PPTH for eight years in Mob Rules.

(9) In Autopsy, Stacy told Cameron that she and House had been together for five years. In “Honeymoon, it’s mentioned that they were together for five years. In Love Hurts, Cuddy refers to House’s last relationship and five years of self-pity since.

(10) In Honeymoon, House told Stacy that he hadn't been on the roof of the hospital in five years. Presumably he hasn’t had to run up there and hide in that time.

(11) In Honeymoon, Mark told House they married three years ago in July.

(12) In a scene from the unaired version of the pilot episode, it was revealed Chase has been at PPTH with house for one year. Cameron for six months, and Foreman for three days.

(13) House mentioned this in Control.

(14) Mentioned in Cursed.

(15) Chase told Andie the cancer patient that he was thirty. Is he exaggerating his age, just to make it clear to Andie why he shouldn’t kiss her?

(16) No specific date is given for the infarction, but it would be sometime during the House/Stacy relationship (Three Stories). The problem is, it appears that Cuddy was practicing medicine at the time, but the way she apologized for the incident made it seem that she was an administrator. If House was a doctor at PPTH at the time, perhaps she decided to take charge of the case? Does it seem odd that House and Stacy stayed together for two or three years after the infarction? Alternate theory: Cuddy could have been Chief of Medicine, but Dean is a higher position? Or she was Chief elsewhere and took the position at PPTH because the promotion prospects were better. Or a thousand other reasons, some of which may have been more altruistic, PPTH being a teaching hospital. The promotion to her current position came later. That might make more sense. Or not.

(17) In The Socratic Method, Cameron learns House’s birth date when she’s going through his mail. (The first few episodes aired out of production order. Perhaps we'll have more reliable information in the future. For now, this will have to do.)

(18) In Detox, Cuddy said that House was doing double the amount of Vicodin that he was when she hired him.

(19) In The Mistake, Chase says he saw his father two months before he died, but they never talked about his cancer. But he got the news on May 12, when Kayla came back to the clinic to get the results of a pathology test on her arm. We know this because Chase said that Kayla first arrived at the clinic on May 11 and Chase ran the test on her arm and said that it takes 24 hours to confirm. Rowan visited in January. House confirmed that Rowan told him that he only had two months. But he told House three. Continuity. It's a beautiful thing.

(20) We meet House's his parents in Daddy's Boy. House says they've been married 47 years, which means they probably married in 1958.

(21) In The Mistake, House blackmailed a doctor into doing a transplant for a patient. The disciplinary board was also trouble by his general conduct, including his refusal to meet patients.

(22) In Need to Know, Wilson mentions that it was five years since House and Stacy broke up.

(23) Both House and Weber state in Distractions that the incident that got House tossed from Hopkins was 20 years ago. Again, they could be rounding one way or the other.

(24) In Failure To Communicate, House and Stacy went to Baltimore to defend his Medicaid billings.

(25) Need to Know.

(26) Sex Kills.

(27) All In.

(28) In No Reason the birthdate on House's bracelet was 6/11/1959, which is Hugh Laurie's birthdate. Since most of the episode was a hallucination, the accuracy of this date is problematic. The date is worth noting, however, and we will update as we get further information.

(29) No Reason.

A note on education: Generally, it takes four years of college plus six years of medical school plus a minimum of three years internship/residency before someone can practice medicine. Some schools have six-year program instead of the standard eight. A medical school graduate can take the title of Doctor, but cannot practice medicine until he or she has completed the internship/residency phase and has been granted a license. This Wikipedia article gives an overview. House has two specialties, and for the purposes of this timeline it is assumed that he completed one specialty, got his license, and then went to work on his second. For all we know House is a prodigy and finished his training much earlier.

There are two types of internships - one is the standard internship any medical school graduate must complete and summer internships available to students in high school or with some college. At this point it's difficult to tell the nature of the internship that House missed out on.

There's also the issue of getting kicked out of Johns Hopkins. Did he manage to get reinstated or did he have to apply elsewhere? This could add a little more time to his training. It's unclear whether he went to Michigan or Hopkins first. Michigan would be a first choice because it sounds like the Doyle Internship was something very special and might not have been offered to students with merely an interest in medicine. The one thing that is clear is that House was at Michigan when Cuddy arrived at the university. Perhaps subsequent episodes will clear up this mystery.

We'll adjust the timeline as we get more information.

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